Hire Me As Your Wedding Planner

Since so many people have said something to me about going into wedding planning, especially lately, I figured I would give it a shot. Many of you know that I am completely obsessed with everything bridal (and Kate Middleton) and have been for years. In planning my own wedding, I have discovered that so many brides really are lost and overwhelmed when it comes to planning their big day.

With so many of my own friends and family getting engaged these past few months, wedding season is really in full swing, and I would love to be a part of it all day, every day.

I have the creativity, passion and a decent amount of resources (aside from being in Editorial/PR, I know event-planners, bakers, jewelers, etc.) to help brides and grooms execute their dream wedding with as little stress as possible. Let me take on the stress for you. I’m a type-A, detail-oriented, organized person with more than enough ideas to keep you completely satisfied.

Whether you have dreamed about this day since you were 8 years-old, or just want to have a memorable day with family and friends, I would love to help make this experience effortless, fun and truly unforgettable.

I can:

-Give you a crash course in Wedding 101. Do you know when the least expensive time of year to get married is? Do you know the difference between a trumpet and a mermaid dress? How about the difference between fondant and buttercream?

-Provide you with several different wedding scenarios that fit your vision and budget

-Make a list of, call and schedule all of your appointments from venues, photographers and florists to DJ, cars and, of course, wedding dress shopping.

-Help you put a personal stamp on your wedding day by making or assisting you in DIY, flowers, save the dates, invitations, favors and more.

You tell me what you envision for this journey, from the minute that ring goes on your finger until you head off for your honeymoon. I’ll do all the research and you can reap the rewards. You choose the amount of help you want from me: boss me around or let me take the reins.

Why should you hire me? Wedding planners have to start somewhere. I would be infinitely less expensive than any wedding planner you could ever find, you get to pick and choose what you need help with and how much help you need and I truly love everything about this industry.

For $100 – $1,000, depending on how many of my services you would like, I can make this time as stress-free as possible.

For those interested, please message me for details or email jenfauci@gmail.com.


Photo courtesy of David Tutera

Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle (Photo by Jennifer Fauci)


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A Review of John Green’s “Will Grayson, Will Grayson”

Another gem by John Green, only made better by the words of David Levithan. I love books that make the reader dart his or her eyes back and forth between characters. Not necessarily flashback/flash-forward instances because those can get confusing and sometime annoying, but instead the different thoughts, minds, feelings, words and emotions occurring at the same time among two different characters who happen to share the same name.

Things I knew: I knew that the two Will Graysons would be foils of each other in a sense, but would share one similarity that outshines their other faults, flaws or traits. I knew that their lives would at some point, cross over, connecting them to the one thing they were both looking to find meaning in. I knew that there would be one way to always tell them apart, in this case it was the font, and until you read the exchange between the two authors, you will understand why.

Things I didn’t know: How the story would end. As I was nearing the end of this book, I thought, how could everything possibly be wrapped up in 20 pages? While I hate the ends of books for many reasons (I will not bore you with them now), I did not care for Green’s way of closing the curtain on Will Grayson as a novel. However, that is not to say that I didn’t understand it. I thought that Green and Levithan did a wonderful job bringing each Will Grayson’s time in the book to a close, each achieving a sort of acceptable Nirvana in their own lives, and I understand that happy endings in books are overrated and to put it bluntly, nauseous. Not everyone can be in love, and fulfilled and smiling at the end of a story. Not everyone has to love sunny days, warm weather and children all the time. If that were the case, then every book in the world would be a waste of paper, and every person would be a boring blur of grey. But everyone can be content, a little smarter, a little more human, and a little more at ease. It’s the upset and the weirdness that make for unique writing.

I will not spoil the story for you, but I will say this. Green’s Will Grayson ends right where he should be in the reader’s eyes. Levithan’s Will Grayson finally discovers himself and his place in a society of other people who show him that it’s ok to care and talk and share your life with. He finally sees what he could be, and that in itself is a sort of freedom he didn’t know existed. Did I want the happy ending for certain characters? No. Did I want the book to not end as abruptly as it did? Yes. Will I continue to read more of John Green’s work? Absolutely.

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Colors of Manhattan

Khaki trenchcoats
Black umbrellas
Brown leather suitcases

Khaki pants
Black lunchboxes
Brown cups of coffee

Khaki dresses
Black sunglasses
Brown satchels

Khaki sunhats
Black flip flops
Brown iced lattes

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The Girl You Left Behind

A smile like two strands of pearls.
Twinkling eyes that rivaled the stars.
A heart that beat with warmth and love.
That’s the girl you left behind.

A voice to calm like a summer breeze.
Loving arms that accepted you always.
A support you needed everyday.
That’s the girl you left behind.

A broken heart like shards of glass.
Crying eyes that never dry.
A sallow face so sunken in.
This is the girl who’s here to stay.

A body like fragile tree branches.
Numbing every happiness.
A feeling of worthlessness.
This is the girl who’s here to stay.

Be careful what you say.
Be mindful in your ways.
A heart will always love.
This heart will never forgive.

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Quote of the Day

“At painful times, when composition is impossible and reading is not enough, grammars and dictionaries are excellent for distraction.”

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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August 12, 2013 · 4:12 pm

The NUTcracker

The NUTcracker


(An empty auditorium.  Rehearsals have just let out at Radio City Music Hall.  Strewn about the stage are various props including costumes, a dance bag, pages of scripts and a bottle of Zoloft.

AT RISE, CINDERELLA, 19, has just finished rehearsing for the Nutcracker in which she stars as The Sugar Plum Fairy.  It has been a long night, she is tired and cranky and her sorority sisters ditched her for a rooftop party at Sleeping Beauty’s place.

PRINCE CHARMING, 21, is sitting in the audience.  HE is the only one left in the theater as he anxiously waits for his girlfriend to finish getting ready.)


(Looking at his Movado)

Come on babe, it’s already 11, we’re gonna be late . . . as usual (HE mutters to himself)


(Pissed off)

Oh my God, we’ll get there when we get here can you just chill?  It’s not my fault I’m the star of one of New York’s most beloved Christmas productions.


(Trying to relax HER)

Since when did you become a Rockette?



You’re such an ass, make yourself useful and carry my crap.  I’m too tired.

(HE sits in the audience for a few minutes, purposely trying to anger HER, succeeds and motions to help her with her bags)


Do you have everything?  I don’t feel like coming back here because you forgot a costume or something.


Yes I have everything (opening the bottle of Zoloft and popping two pills into HER mouth)


OK let’s go.  It’s gonna be impossible to catch a cab at this hour.



What the hell do you mean a cab?  (rummaging through HER bag looking for her Blackberry) Didn’t I tell you to send for my driver after intermission?



I’m sorry Princess, but your sisters were supposed to be your ride, remember?


Whatever, let’s jus . . . (pauses)

Wait . . . Oh my God where is it? (panicking)


Where’s what babe?


My shoe.  Where the hell is my fucking shoe?


It’s just a dance shoe.  I’m sure it’ll turn up in one of your bags sooner or later.  Let’s just go.


Not my dance shoe you idiot.  My other shoe.  My Manolo Blahnik.  Get up here and help me look for it.

(SHE paces around the stage tearing apart her dance bag, costume bag and anything else she can get her manicured hands on)


(Rolls eyes)

Oh dear, Oh Lord, how can we ever go on.  You have five thousand other pairs of shoes babe.  Or you can just ask Carrie Bradshaw to lend you a pair.  You uptight city girls always have backups for something completely useless.



Oh shut the fuck up.  You know I’ve had a rough day as it is and you’re being such an ass.  Why can’t you just do what I tell you to the first time, then maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem.


(Raises eyebrows)

Oh you’re blaming me now?


(Ignoring him)

I’m so sick of wearing the pants in this relationship (shoving clothes back into her bag)


(HE climbs onto the stage and approaches HER)

That’s right, you wear the pants and I have the nuts.  I swear they cast you as the wrong character.  You should have been the Nutcracker.



DO NOT push me right now.


No, I’ll just bust your balls.  Oh wait, you’ve got that covered.  I’m outta here. (walks off stage)

(Shouting back to her)

Call one of your friends to come get you.  I’m done dealing with your bitchy, ungrateful, uptight, materialistic ass.

(CINDERELLA is left alone on stage. The stage door slams. Lights go out.  END SCENE)diamond_wedding_shoes

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Shakespearean Sonnet

 Found this little gem while taking a break from writing. Oh how I miss poetry homework.

Shame unto thee,

thou hast made me compose a symphony of dreams.

The bearer of thine heart deserved to be me.

Then sed black organ would not be torn at the seams.


Shame unto thee,

You exist to bludgeon the world with your dumb, heavy tongue.

A selfish face covered in soot that no one can see.

For you, Siren’s song shall not be sung.


Shame unto thee,

as foul father victimizes a disposed daughter.

The measures of truth will not let you be.

O, send her into war like a lamb to the slaughter.


Forsake mine love, mine honor and spirit.

If doth wishes to protest, I do not wish to hear it.



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