I’m craving…

French macarons from Ladurée in Paris, France

    Is it possible to crave something you’ve never had? It seems to be something I do all the time. Over the past few months, macarons (The colorful French sandwich cookie, not the chewy coconut macaroons that you can find in your local food store), have become the new cupcake. With exotic flavors and vibrant colors, it isn’t too hard to see the appeal. 

    Alex, my close friend and baking connoisseur, requested that these little delicacies be imported direct from the bakery when her parents recently traveled to Paris. A brilliant idea. While I do not have the funds to ship a few dozen black current or mint chocolate chip macarons all the way from Paris, there are a string of well-respected pâtisseries in New York City that will very soon have me on the LIRR, despite the massive track changes and transportation delays. Sigh, anything for dessert.


The Duchess of New York


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