Taking on the World

The smell of the airport.

Leather suitcases, fresh brewed coffee, cleaning solutions,

I’m almost there.

Stand online, check for passports, board the plane and take a seat.

Here we go.


The Eternal City.

Feel the warm sun shining down on a bustling city as

it radiates throughout the Coliseum.

Smell the aroma of the sidewalk cafés and

taste a creamy, vanilla canoli.

I can see myself living here.

The City of Lights.

Every firefly in the world comes here

and illuminates the tower.

Like an elevator, my eyes ride up several stories,

 then down and then back up again.


A language so beautiful and smooth that it sails through my ears,

 like something out of a dream.

The most romantic city in the world.

I can see myself living here.


 The Square Mile.

I’m willing to walk each and every inch of it.

There’s the iconic red phone booth where

Big Ben interrupts my call.

Time to go.

Singing the cheerful song, I pass the London Bridge,

heading down into the Tube.

I can see myself living here.


Back to the airport.

Check the schedule, wait in the terminal, board the plane,

I’m ready for take off.

Replay the scenes, relive the moments, remember the feelings.

I’ll take everything with me,

back home to the city that never sleeps.



The Duchess of New York


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