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The Darker Side of Me…

I’ve been trying my hand at some macabre creative writing lately. Here’s a poem from my portfolio of darkness.


I’m Sorry

That little girl is here no more.

She’s taken her things down to the shore.

Tied a rope around her feet;

and left you a note of where to meet.

“In heaven of course,” she wrote with a smile.

“I’m sorry if it will be a while.”

But she couldn’t stay, she had to go.

An answer to a question you’ll never know.

Now she belongs to the blue of the ocean.

He mirrors her image with every motion.

Keep her memory, innocent and true,

She’s up there, I promise, waiting for you.



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The Essential Black Bag…

I need a black shoulder bag. Michael Kors is one of my favorite American designers. Hence, the Crossby large shoulder bag. What do we think?

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I Found my Red…

    The smell of New York Fashion Week is officially here. Today, September 8, 2011, Lincoln Center opens its arms to welcome back Mercedes-Benz Fashion week to showcase the Spring 2012 collections. After relocating from Bryant Park, fashion has found its new home in Lincoln Center and has settled in quite comfortably I must say. This is the second year that Lincoln Center will host dozens of top designers who are eager to release their best looks to the world. While I am deeply and sorely upset that I will not be attending this year, I will be keeping a keen eye and ear out for this spring’s new looks.

    But let’s be honest, I hate spring. My wallet and closet love me for my desire to buy clothes for autumn and winter. Although Fashion Week for Fall 2012 is sometime in January I believe (of which I plan to attend), Fall 2011 is finally here. While there are many fashion trends that Americans will be borrowing from their more fashion-conscious European counterparts (Victorian inspired collars from London’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Fur-trimmed coats from Paris courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier, or tasteful plaid pieces from Pringle of Scotland), essentials are riding boots, a slim-fitted tailored suit and a good red lipstick. I have only managed to check off one from that list: red lipstick.

    Many women have an extremely difficult task when it comes to finding a suitable red lipstick. When I think red lips, I automatically go to Anne Hathaway and Kourtney Kardashian. Hathaway usually opts for a richer red against her creamy, sometimes porcelain looking complexion, a skin color I feel best suits reds. Kourtney Kardashian on the other hand, can pull off deep reds as well as pinker and more coral colored reds due to her olive skin tone and dark features. But you can’t just go by the look of the lipstick in its darkened capsule.

    Nearly every woman is guilty of breaking the clear, plastic seal on a lipstick, twisting it out and gently gliding it across the smooth patch of skin between the index finger and thumb. While this may be the best way to gage against your skin tone, the color as we sometimes forget, goes on our lips. So what do we end up with? Six or seven streaks of every red but the one we want all over our hand. It looks red but it comes out coral. It’s named “Really Red” but comes out too pink. I have a fear that the cameras in the store will spot me testing all of the colors and scold me. Yes I’m guilty of it too. Sue me.

   But about two weeks ago, I found it. I found my red in REVLON’s “In the Red” matte lipstick, color number 007, which I found amusing. After smearing it on my hand, I bought it with hesitation, for fear that I would have to bring it back if it didn’t look right on my lips. I hate returning lipstick, or any makeup for that matter. It’s slightly awkward because of the excuse you have to give upon returning it. Clearly you can’t say that you already used it and didn’t like how it looked, no matter how authentic you make the broken seal look. Despite my fear, “In the Red” actually stayed on my vanity. I loved how it looked on me. My skin tone is very tricky in any season, especially summer and winter. When I tan, I get freckles and look almost brown. I tend to lose it quickly on my face, which sometimes never gets color. The result is a lovely, sallow-looking color of bone with a touch of grey that I sport until June again.

   I found REVLON’s “In the Red” to be creamy, smooth and rich. My face carries makeup pretty well, thanks to my dark features, and I did not look like a “child prostitute” or “little girl who played in mommy’s makeup” as my friend describes her adventures with reds. Best applied with a brush so the lipstick itself lasts longer (there is no direct contact with your lips so you are less likely to use pressure when applying), you will be able to paint on a more contoured lip line. Depending on my outfit, I sometimes dab on some Vaseline to make my lips look glossier.

    While I need to invest in some Crest whitening strips since any red makes even the whitest of teeth look yellow, I am very excited to wear my red this fall. Following in the footsteps of fashion week, I plan on toting my treasured luggage colored Michael Kors satchel to the mall to begin my journey of discovering the perfect pair of dark brown riding boots. The suit, I think I’ll save for while. To those of you looking for your red, good luck and let me know when you find it.

REVLON “In the Red” Lipstick


 The Duchess of New York

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