If You Give a Jenni a Cupcake…

  I’ve been working on some of my children’s books lately and needed some more inspiration. On my desk I have a stuffed animal of the mouse from If You Give  Mouse a Cookie. So I returned to this poem I wrote a while ago inspired by the HarperCollins classic. Enjoy.


If You Give a Jenni a Cupcake


If you give a Jenni a cupcake, she’ll ask where it’s from.

If you tell her where it’s from she’ll ask what other kinds they had there.

If you tell her what other kinds they had there, she’ll make you go back and get more.

If you go back and get more, she’ll need a glass of milk.

If you pick up milk along the way, she’ll want a bendy straw to drink it out of.

If you get a bendy straw, she’ll want a purple one.

If you get her a purple one, she’ll need a pink one as a back up.

If you get her both, she’ll want to drink more milk.

If she drinks more milk, she’ll need more cupcakes.

If she needs more cupcakes, she’ll want to bake them herself.

If she wants to bake them, she’ll need a cupcake tray.

If she needs a cupcake tray, you’ll have to go out and buy one.

When you go out and buy one, she’ll get hungry again.

If she gets hungry again, you’ll have to get her another cupcake along the way.

If you get her another cupcake, she’ll be too tired to bake and she’ll want to take a nap.

If she wants to take a nap, she’ll dream about more cupcakes.

If she dreams about more cupcakes, chances are, she’ll want one when she wakes up.



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