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A Little Poetry…

A few weeks ago, I went through all of my USB sticks and organized all of my poems, essays, etc. into folders on my computer. After going through some of my old work, I couldn’t remember if it was mine or not. So there I was googling my own work to make sure that it was mine and not copied from somewhere else. I forgot how decent my work was, how sad is that?

Here is one of my favorites. A little jump start into the cold weather perhaps? Enjoy.


The Moon

Painted picture in a lonely night sky.

Light the darkness with wonder.

Stars scatter,

make room for you.

Beautiful incandescent orb.


Light up the sky,

radiances of expectations.

Are you an illuminating mass most hollow?

Or filled to the brim with solid thoughts?

Are you happiest when standing still?

Or tickled when encircling the shadows?

Night most frigid and black.

Glassy and bitter cold.

The chill in the air,

warmed by your glow.

Between deceiving branches of winter’s trees,

you stare back at me.

Do you turn into the sun?

Or couple around the Earth?

You move too fast for me,

in between the poles.

Slow down for a moment.

Take a breath.

Stars realign along the horizon.

Collect and gather.

A fist of diamonds,

there has to be something more out there.

Autumn’s leaves dance and rustle beneath you.

Houses turn off nightlights,

lose the burn of streetlights.

We rely on you.










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