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Lady Luck is a Whore…

Job fairs are the biggest waste of time. No really. Unless you want to wait on line for an hour to get into the building, are only going for sales position or eager to get rid of hundreds of copies of your resume, don’t waste your time. Fortunately for me, I met a friend at one of these horrible functions and she has asked a favor of me. So in turn, I am asking a favor of you. My friend, Susanne Pinedo is currently doing PR for a performance titled Lady Luck is a Whore. The show is to be debuted at the United Solo Festival in NYC on Wednesday, October 17.

The festival provides one performance to each production and if the initial performance sells-out, the performer is scheduled for an additional performance. Lady Luck is a Whore has not sold-out yet so there is still time to grab a ticket and support the arts.

    Here is a link for the promotional video Below is the flyer for the performance. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could try to make it, or at least spread the word around. Thanks so much!







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